Travers Software Consulting GmbH

Welcome to Travers Software Consulting GmbH.
Our motto is "understanding transaction processing"

We are a highly qualified software company specialized in the area of transaction oriented application systems.
We understand all the complexities that arise when designing and running applications as transactions. We believe that the e-commerce future based on Enterprise Java Beans will only succeed if companies are able to fully utilize the potential that this world offers. Transaction Processing is a major part of this.
We are there to help you run your applications as transactions.

We provide the following services round and about TP applications:
  • Consulting on usage of TP applications
  • Designing TP applications
  • Developing TP applications
  • Tuning existing TP applications
  • Maintaining existing TP applications
  • Reengineering existing TP applications
  • Teaching for developers and administrators of TP applications

    We provide a series of products dealing with all aspects of the analysis, design, development and testing of transaction oriented application systems.

    Together with our partners we can offer turnkey operations for new development or reengineering of transaction oriented application systems for the small business to the major corporation.