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History (back)

Our founder Francis Travers started his business as an independent software consultant in 1980. Before that he had worked for a major computer manufacturer in Europe and the USA as an operating systems expert specialized in the area of Transaction Processing Monitors. During this time he worked on many of the major TP systems in Europe and was at the forefront of TP technology, implementing systems based on two-phase commit protocols and remote procedure calls. Terms which are only came into widespread usage 20 years later with the advent of Enterprise Java Beans, Message Queuing and Service Oriented Architecture.

In 1980 he saw that irrespective of how good the TP system was, this still didn't help unless the application was correctly designed to utilize the benefits offered to it. The same TP system with the same interface to the applications was on offer to organizations as far apart in technical sophistication as NASA and a small provincial bank. He decided that his future lay in helping the non-NASA's of this world to design their applications in such a way as to gain the most benefit from the TP system, without having to become TP experts themselves. The basic ideas was to encapsulate the low-level TP commands in a layer of software between the TP system itself and the application. This had the additional benefit that the applications became more portable and could be relatively easily scaled up to different hardware or software platforms.
During his period as an independent software consultant, he has consulted on, designed and developed together with his partners a number of large online applications using the following TP systems:

  • CA ADS/Online
  • Unisys HVTIP

    In the following industries:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Transport
  • Trade

    For each of the above TP systems he has designed and taken major responsibility for applications which now execute in excess of 1.000.000 transactions per day. Some of them have been running for almost 30 years and are still state of the art.

    In 1998 he saw that with the advent of e-commerce a breakthrough was taking place in the industry. With Web enabled applications certain to become widespread the areas of application for TP systems were bound to be vastly increased. He needed to complement his vast experience of TP systems with youthful expertise in the area of Web technology and Java. He saw a danger that if one tried to Web enable applications without the knowledge of traditional TP techniques one would end up with a system of poor performance that wouldn't scale.

    As a result the company Travers Software Consulting GmbH was created as a limited company in Hameln, Germany in the spring of 1999. The company brought together the established and the new:

  • traditional knowledge on how the online applications in large organizations are designed and run
  • the latest ideas from German Universities on Web techniques, Messaging, Java and Component Technology

    Expertise (back)

    The Travers Software Consulting team can offer a combination of expertise in the following areas:
    Operating Systems
  • z/OS
  • SAP Netweaver
  • Windows
  • Unix/Linux
  • OS2200

    TP Systems
  • CICS
  • TXSeries
  • CA ADS/Online
  • Tuxedo

  • Database Systems
  • DB2
  • Oracle

  • Java
  • EJB
  • C
  • Perl
  • XML,XSLT,XQuery,XML Schema
  • Assembler

  • Partners (back)

    Traditionally we have worked worked on projects with a number of partner organizations. This tradition is being maintained and extended by the Travers Software Consulting company. Over the last 12 years there has been an increasing cooperation with partners overseas. These partners enable a small German company to accomplish large projects within a relatively tight budget and time scale. Our founder has had a great deal of experience with carrying out projects via an e-mail collaboration to oversees partners, he is in a position to guide, control and guarantee the quality of the work produced by his partners.